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It is one of the most essential part of on-line selling. It combines mobile phones and APPs together. It enables clients not only to connect with any firm's official website, but also enjoy the on-line games as well. A fantastic way to interact between firms and clients. In addition, micro web can have APP's all functions, but save quite a lot on the establishment of APP. It is absolutely value for money.

Special featuring :

1.  It can be completely connected with personal account ( friends & contact ), public platform ( log on & connected ), interaction, fans filters and also the whole process of the on-line selling.

2.  It can be set up as the custom mobile phone website and accepted prior to "Baidu " .  What is more, it can be upgraded to higher ranking on search engine in order to attract high quality clients. These clients are able to communicate with you through your APP.

3.  Be your mobile phone clients, it is no barrier for them to contact you in anywhere at anytime. To their satisfaction, everything from log in to finish a deal is just as easy as by one click.

Wechat shopping :

Wechat shopping is known as ( V shopping ).  It is based on moving on-line shopping products. It uses up-to-date APPs to promote new products. This mobile phone micro shopping combination would be a breakthrough of information technology.

Wechat shopping featuring :

It is the most cheapest way to deal with your clients. Doing business could not be more easier.

Wechat shopping contributor :

Apart from the above mobile phone selling service, Asia CNC offers Wechat shopping support. We acquire a good knowledge of Wechat resource, a tailor-made Wechat shopping plan can be negotiated.



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