Multimedia Development

Flash development

Flash can be described as a technology that provides an exact description of any object in a pictorial format giving new definitions to the image. It is used for development of online advertisements, multimedia content, electronic learning courses and user interfaces for enterprise applications. It utilizes graphics of bitmap and vector, program code, sound code and bidirectional streaming audio and video.

Our Product offering

 Analysis and need of solution

 Intros & Splash Pages (Navigation Menus)

 Virtual Worlds (Feature Animations, Music, Video Streaming)

 Flash Presentations (Interactive CD-Rom Presentations)

 Flash Banners

In the modern world, it is not enough to tell someone about your business. It is necessary show them.

To make the multimedia experiences memorable and exciting than ever before, Flash is just the tool to use. It has increasingly become an internet standard for viewing such pages. Flash is widely used for providing an impressive introduction to standard HTML web sites.

It acts as an effective solution for businesses like fashion, music etc. Basically, any solution that requires excessive interactivity Flash is the ultimate destination as it does not compromise on the user's experience for the content for imaging.

At Asia CNC , we have just kind of creative caliber required for development of impressive matter taking into consideration the kind of target market expected. Our flash team consists of experienced programmers who work according to the user's requirements and try harder to shape your thoughts into efficient designs.

Multimedia Presentation

E-cards produced by Asia CNC can help promote your company by incorporating your company profile and product information into Business Card shaped CD's. These business card CD's will showcase your company in action through a CD based multimedia presentation OR your Website, Color Catalogue, Employee Handbook etc.

These cards are very useful in

Profiling an Individual New Product Launches & Event Marketing

Profiling a Corporation Grand Openings

Linking to a Website Sales Presentations

Direct Mail Campaigns Promotions

Can be used in unlimited ways to make the defining difference

CD/Multimedia Presentations

Features of Model CD-ROM

A user-friendly interface with vibrant graphic design

Autostart feature


Fair number of pages with text or graphics (screenshots, slides, diagrams)

Audio narration

Buttons with subtle sound effects

Short, dynamic intro with animation, video or both

Our staff consists of experienced instructional designers, graphic artists and technical support personnel. We apply a structured methodology to develop & design CD-ROMs/ Biz card CDs/ Mini CDs.

The process of this project is as follows



Concept & Planning

Design, Prototype & Specification


Acceptance on Final CD

Final Acceptance on Reproduction

Delivery of Master CD

Media Presentations

Interactive media development requires a multidisciplinary approach and the use of creative, technical and communication problem-solving skills throughout the process.

The process incorporates the ability to visualize a concept, understand the basic message of the presentation and to incorporate the two into a fundamental storyboard.

This process includes such skill sets in technology and presentation which incorporate presentation techniques, language, diction, visualization and content development so that the final is satisfactory.

Regardless of your goals, we will deliver a high impact solution using state-of-the-art technology that effectively delivers your message.

Utilizing text, video, audio, animation and graphics we will allow you to communicate to your audience professionally with maximum impact. Whether you want to create a sales presentation, training tool, interactive catalog or entertainment piece Argent Technologies is ready to assist you.

Although our multimedia solutions are readily available for integration within your website, we also offer the following.

CD-ROM Catalog

Imagine offering a CD-ROM catalog that allows users to review products, search for certain specifications, colors, sizes, etc. Going even further, the customer can add items into a shopping basket and print an order form or be dynamically linked to the Internet to purchase directly online!


Creates dynamic interactive presentations that meet or exceed our Clients'
requirements and goals.


Utilize existing marketing, advertising, and educational tools

Create new presentations

Create functional and interactive presentations

Maximize the "Messsage"

Take existing catalogs and incorporate an immediate "Shopping" interface



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